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  • Object-Oriented User Interface

    Object-Oriented User Interface (OOUI) is a design methodology that aims to separate the implementation layers of a user interface. In contrast to actual Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), OOUI is more of a metaphorical expression that helps developers, QA testers, and designers reduce cognitive complexity and view UI development in small chunks. With OOUI, developers can break […]

  • Why Web Accessibility Matters

    The internet has become an essential part of our lives. We use it for work, learning, entertainment, and communication. However, not everyone has equal access to the web. In fact, a significant percentage of people are unable to use many websites due to accessibility issues. As a Senior Front End Developer, I am aware of […]

  • #NoEstimates: Why Time Estimation is Overrated in Software Development

    As a software developer, I have often struggled with the task of time estimation. It’s a tricky business to predict how much time a task or project will take, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be significant. That’s why the #NoEstimates movement has gained traction in recent years. The idea is simple: instead […]

  • Scrum as a typescript documentation

    The Scrum framework provides a set of methods and events that enable teams to collaborate effectively and deliver high-quality software.

  • Become a creator, not just a follower as a programmer.

    The main goal of the following text is to motivate developers to stay creative and invent new things instead of following the existing paradigms only.

  • How to Create Reliable and Scalable Frontend Applications

    Frontend Application Architecture (JavaScript, TypeScript) Intro A software engineer day to day work usually focused on some specific application or even piece of that software. When a long period of time developer works on only one program he may experience difficulties in the case he needs to start with a new project. In this article, I […]

  • How to become a full stack developer — Backend

    Contents Articles of the series: A server is the one who stores the code and the Database. Web browsers or any other client software interacts with a server through a series of requests. Usually, HTTP protocol used for major part of operations. Requests There are two basic types of requests: POST and GET.. GET — […]

  • How to become a full stack developer — HTML

    Contents Articles of the series: We will start with the visual piece of web development. How does it work? As referenced in the introduction, the browser receives data from a server. It could be images, Cascading sheet styles (CSS), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Javascript (JS) files, and so forth. The browser reads HTML, CSS, JS […]

  • How to become a full stack developer — Front-end

    Contents Articles of the series: Now you know how to work with CSS and HTML. How about we begin as of now with programming! As referenced in the past article Front-end apps work on a client-side (web browser). There are three fundamental technologies used on most of the web pages. HTML is a structure, CSS […]

  • How to become a full stack developer -Intro

    Contents In the next articles we will discuss the following topics: In my career many times I used articles or tutorials of other developers. Learning could’ve been much longer and harder if I didn’t have those materials. So the best way to thank all those people is to give back to the community. I’d like […]